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LAUSD Volunteer Application Process

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Thank you for your volunteer service at Los Angeles Unified! 

LAUSD is now accepting applications for Summer School and the 2024-25 school year. 
Application Process and Webinar FlyerNew and returning School Volunteer Program applicants can apply to become a school and office volunteer for the 2024-2025 school year starting on May 28, 2024. Our team will work with school designees to process applications, as we are aware many volunteers wish to serve on their campuses at the start of the new school year. The newest version of the Guide to Volunteering is available for download at
A Family Academy webinar will be hosted on June 3rd from 9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m. to assist interested volunteer applicants. Use the following webinar link to join the session:; Webinar ID: 895 5755 5227.

School Volunteer Program Requirements:

  • Complete/Submit the LAUSD online Volunteer Application (print, sign, and submit to Community Representative)
  • Complete/Sign Volunteer Commitment Form found HERE.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Test Clearance (completed within 60 days of submitting online volunteer application)

Volunteer Application Process

  • Any person interested in participating in a school’s volunteer program, including continuing volunteers, prospective virtual volunteers, prospective on-campus volunteers, LAUSD employees, community members and interns, must complete the online volunteer application in the School Volunteer Management System.
  • A volunteer can access the online application at
  • If a person does not have access to the necessary technology to complete the online volunteer application, the school will designate an employee to assist in completing and submitting the online application with the person. Volunteers serving at more than one LAUSD school must have an approved online application for each school before they can begin service.
  • Tuberculosis clearance, including a screening or negative test result, is to be provided to the school site before the campus begins the processing of the application. The form, which can be provided to a medical provider, is available at
  • A waiver of liability is required to participate in on-campus volunteering in the LAUSD School Volunteer Program, showing agreement with the terms and release of liability. This is completed directly on the application.
  • Once the online volunteer application is completed and submitted electronically, the application may be approved or denied by the site principal or the principal’s designee.
  • The Office of Student, Family and Community Engagement provides a final review before approving the application.
School Site Application Review Process
For Tier II and III volunteers, the school/office must review the application to ensure all required fields are completed.  Next, the school/office must approve or deny the online application for all individuals applying to become volunteers. The school principal/approver must verify and approve that the prospective volunteer has met all requirements, including: 
  • Completed the application which is to be kept on file at the school site.
  • Electronically signed the application and Volunteer Commitment Form
  • Passed Megan’s Law clearance through This step is required and completed by the school site before the application is approved.
  • Registered Tuberculosis clearance, which is populated by review of the screening or test results provided by the volunteer.  
  • Submitted fingerprinting (For Tier III volunteers)
  • See BUL - 6746.4  English | Spanish for more information. The release of the Bulletin with up-to-date procedures will be released soon.
(Updated May 27 2024)
LAUSD Volunteer Docs & Forms:

2024- 2025 Guide to Volunteering in Los Angeles Unified: On-Campus and Virtual Volunteers ENGLISH | SPANISH
Quick Guide to Volunteering (Version May 2024) ENGLISH | SPANISH
LAUSD Volunteer Application Job Aid (Version 1 May 2024) ENGLISH | SPANISH
BUL 6746.4- Forthcoming Attachment C1/C2 - Volunteer Commitment Form ENGLISH | SPANISH

BUL-6746.4- Establishing and Administering School/Office Volunteer Programs - ENGLISH | SPANISH


For more information and additional FAQ's, please review the LAUSD Guide to Volunteering: Virtual and On-Campus HERE.
What are the Safety/Security Clearance Requirements?
TUBERCULOSIS (TB) CLEARANCE - Volunteers must submit clearance of TB prior to starting volunteer service. Clearance for TB is valid for up to 60 days prior to service for new volunteers and period of up to four (4) years for continuing volunteers. All prospective volunteers are required to have the TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire administered by a licensed health care provider. If there are no risk factors identified, a Certificate of Completion is provided by the health care provider for clearance, and the prospective volunteer must submit a copy of this to the school or office. Continuing volunteers with TB clearance must repeat the TB clearance certification every four (4) years.

MEGAN'S LAW/SEX OFFENDER CLEARANCE - Any volunteer applicant whose name appears on the Megan’s Law online database is prohibited from serving as a District office volunteer and as an on-campus school volunteer in any capacity for any length of time, including for one-time activities.
What are the VIRTUAL and ON-CAMPUS volunteer requirements?


Volunteer Requirements
For more information about volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Application Process page HERE

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