5th Grade Culmination

This year's 5th Grade Culmination takes place on Friday, June 7th starting at 8:30 am.  
Message from the 5th Grade Committee:
Students will need to arrive at school at regular time for attendance in their classrooms.  Parents can line up outside of the Auditorium gate entrance.  There are no restrictions to the number of guests who can attend the culmination.  Once all Topeka students are in their classrooms for the morning bell, the gates will open for guests attending culmination to find seats.  If a Topeka student (sibling) would like to attend culmination with parents, this is allowed but please make arrangements with that student's teacher prior to the date.    
After culmination, there will be a small reception for students, parents and family in the auditorium. This reception has been made possible by the 5th Grade Committee fundraising efforts and the generous donations from our 5th Grade families and Topeka Community.  
Guests: there are no restriction to the number of guests allowed per student at culmination!. 
BALLOON ARRANGEMENTS: Please be advised that there will be an area by the front gate where you can "park" all balloons and balloon arrangements until after culmination so that they don't cause a disturbance.
We look forward to celebrating this special milestone for our 5th graders with all of you.